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Discover the city with your own smartphone

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In 94 cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!

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In each city we offer several games

Low price

€ 9.99 per game, regardless of the number of participants

Discover the city with your own Smartphone!

Discover the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with your own smartphone. Download the app for free from the Google Play Store or from the App Store and play the game of your choice in the city of your choice. Once you’ve chosen a game, you see a map of the city on which you weigh your feet. This is how you pass the many highlight of the city. The App is Coronaproof, you can decide with how many people you play the game. How does it work exactly?


Outdoor Cityquiz

Experience the city and its history with this exciting Cityquiz! Available in 94 cities.

The mystery of the holy grail

Find the holy grail and solve the greatest mystery of mankind! Available in 94 cities.

Find the treasure of pirate One-Eye

Go in search of pirate One-eye's lost treasure. Available in 94 cities