Wederverkopers Citygamesapp


Wederverkopers Citygamesapp

In order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play the Citygamesapp, we work together with many resellers. Are you interested to offer the Citygamesapp as reseller then there are several possibilities:

Direct sales
Selling the games in the app to your own customers. In that case we agree on a commission per sold game. You receive a discount code from us for your
customer. The customer can then buy the game at a discount and you get a commission.

Own games
You can also use the Citygamesapp to build and sell your own games. This way you do not have to develop an expensive app and you can place your own games at a fixed fee per sold game. Many event agencies choose this option.

We would be happy to explain the many possibilities in a no-obligation meeting. You can contact our account manager Jochem de Jong at
+31 (0)85-2733795. You can also send an email to and we will contact you within one working day.